Need to increase your water intake but want to spice it up just a bit?

So you know the doctor says increase your intake of water but you would rather drink juice, coke, even alcohol. LOL. However, you really are trying to stay on this your #FitFam journey.

Well! We have the perfect HELP. Our Fruit Infusing Water Bottle will help increase your water intake without the (well, sometimes boring) feeling of drinking just plain water. As long as the fruit can go into the receptacle, you got it. You can even mix fruits and come up with a signature blend. Yasssss!

As it isn’t just an ordinary water bottle, you get the value of 2; can be used for your DIY flavoured water and can be used as an ordinary water bottle. 

Of course, this is automatically going to boost your appetite for water intake in your desired fruit taste! Yeah… thereby aiding quick digestion, giving you the healthy and nourished skin you have always wanted, who doesn’t want that?

This item is great as a loyalty gift/souvenir to clients and it’s gender friendly! It holds up to 750mls, afoordable and it can be personalised. So now, you know what to give the fussy drinkers as gifts.

Happy Drinking!!