My first encounter with the Camera lens mug was when I saw it on a friend’s BBM display picture. I said to myself, “Haba! Nigerians have come again”. To be honest, I didn’t realise it was a mug at first. I gasped in shock bewildered as to why someone would dismantle a perfectly good looking camera for jokes (Yes, it looks that convincing!!!).

The camera lens mug looks like a real camera lens with realistic lens type details. It’s a thermos that will keep your drink hot or cold for hours! It has a lid which can double as a coaster to support the mug or a make-shift plate for your snack! The mug also comes in white or black. Just like a proper photographer, you can choose between varying models of the camera lens mug! The EF 24-105mm, the EF 100mm and the EF 70-200mm, each different in size!

The camera lens mug is perfect for photography lovers or even if you’re not into the field! Who doesn’t want to own something as exciting as this? It can be used as a gift for any season as well. The mug is easily branded too, so you can also appreciate your “aso-ebi” buyers with this fancy mug at that wedding, share it as a souvenir to friends at a bridal shower or birthday party, use it as a corporate souvenir in your firm….the list is endless! The Camera lens mug is unisex so trust that everyone will love a piece.

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