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Everyone loves a thoughtful gift. So, when buying gifts for those that are dear to us, we want to go out of our way most times to buy something that actually does put a smile on their face.


To achieve this the best way, it’s important that you spend some time thinking through on what exactly you want to gift them.


This Holiday season is a season of so much love and joy. Plenty of people spend most of this time with friends and family. And, a great way to show these loved ones we’ll be spending precious fun time with that they mean a lot to us is by giving them thoughtful presents. This includes your parents who insist they do not need a gift every year or your brother who loves to be independent and seems all figured out.


When you gift others something that they can see you have put some thought into, the effect is enormous.


Below, we have helped you put together an exquisite selection of gifts that your family and friends would love.


  1. Express Delivery Cookie Gift Set

This beautiful Express Delivery Cookie Gift Set would give a lasting delicious memory to its receiver. It contains an assortment of luscious decorated cookies perfect as a holiday gift.

2. The Holiday Christmas Travel Mug Set


Looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your Dad? Shop The Holiday Christmas Travel Mug Set. This is a 6 in 1 mug gift set perfect for the Holiday season. With it’s unique array of colours, patterns and design, it’s the perfect christmas gift to light up the season for anyone you gift them with.


3. The VIP Hamper

The VIP hamper contains lots of gorgeous and yummy goodies perfect for anyone who loves quality and delicious treats. Is there a special family friend or a unique friend of yours you would totally love to dazzle this season, this hamper does just the trick in one package.


4. Simply Indulgent Luxury Soy Candles 3-in-1


This Simply Indulgent Luxury Soy Candles 3-in-1 fills one’s home with the most amazing fragrance this Christmas season and beyond! These luxury scented candles fit perfectly into any space at all. This is a perfect christmas gift for friends and family. Soy candles burn longer and therefore last longer.

Shop the Soy candles on Swishideas.com.


5. The Merry Treat Tower Boxes

Just as the name implies,The Merry Treat Tower Boxes include lots of gorgeous flavored snacks, chocolates, truffles, biscuits, and other variety. It also has a grand and sleek presentation which makes it the perfect fit to honour those friends and members of family who mean so much to you.


6. The Heng Balance Lamp


The Heng balance lamp is a perfect Holiday present for members of your family. With it’s magnetic mid-air switch and the most amazing design, the Heng Balance Lamp is an out-of-the-norm present to gift anyone this season.


7. Animated Mini Speaker

Do you want your loved ones to listen to music, audiobooks or watch a movie and have the real feel of it? Then you should get this Animated Mini Speaker. It is also the perfect gift idea for a music lover you know or an avid reader who loves listening to audiobooks! It’s compact feature also makes it a unique gift idea for your loved ones.


8. Flat Bottle

This is a perfect affordable Christmas present for your in-laws. Asides the fact that it is a thoughtful gift, it also shows that you care about their health and wellbeing. Make their water bottle unique to them! This right here is one very useful gift that won’t get tossed to a corner. Shop this unique bottle and other fashionable bottles like the dumbbell and fruit infusion bottles on Swishideas.com/gift-souvenirs/drinkware.


9. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

This is one of the coolest gifts you can give to anyone. A gift geared towards helping one keep fit says it all. If you have a loved one who’s trying to keep fit but doesn’t seem to have enough time for exercise, then you should get this Dumbbell Alarm Clock. It is a combination of an alarm clock and dumbbell in one. The alarm doesn't go off until it is lifted up and down 30 times! Shop this unique present on Swish Ideas.


10. Camera Lens Clock

This Camera Lens Clock is the perfect Christmas gift for your friend who is a lover of photography. This Camera Lens Clock has an alarm clock feature, calendar feature, and a thermometer feature.


11. iHome LED Colour Changing Bluetooth Speakers

This iHome LED Colour Changing Bluetooth Speaker will help just about anyone set the mood right. It’s perfect for a family christmas party.

Any family would be glad to have this for Christmas. The sounds are crisp and clear. And, it's Bluetooth is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices.

12. Christmas Mini Gift Boxes

In addition to gifting gifts, have you ever thought of gifting gift boxes too? (Yes, obviously in addition to the gifts). Ever heard of the phrase, first impression counts?  Well, gift giving is also hugely affected by this. Heighten the effect that the gift you give has on the recipient by using the best type of packaging. These boxes can also be reused over and over again by those who receive them as gift packages.

13. The Christmas Mini Gift Boxes

Don’t want to package your personalised hamper the traditional way? Become a little unconventional this season by adopting the unboxing method. With The Christmas Mini Gift Boxes the feeling of suspense and surprise in unboxing gift items is recreated.

So, in addition to giving thoughtful gifts, adopting a thoughtful presentation is not a bad idea after all.

21 Dec 2018 16:44:20 By Suashee Ini-Usoro Souvenir trends,


Whether you run a lean startup or a large corporation with thousands of employees and Clients all over the globe, you know just how indispensable your clients and employees are to the growth of your company.


This is why it really does pay to do a little extra to show them just how much you appreciate them. And, when then is a more suitable time to show these precious people just how much they mean to the organisation other than the Christmas season?

Christmas period is that time of year when loads of gifts are exchanged amongst loved ones. So, taking advantage of this season of love to send themed gift items puts your gift giving in context as well as heightens the emotional perception.


Something as simple as a christmas card could do the trick. This year, you want to take things a step further by not simply sending them gifts, but sending them thoughtful gifts that they’ll definitely remember a long time to come.


Below are some perfect corporate gift items to gift your clients / customers, employees, co-workers and even your boss.


1. Merry Treat Tower Boxes

This is an artfully arranged array of Holiday gift boxes. The Merry Treat Tower Boxes include lots of gorgeous flavored snacks, chocolates, truffles, biscuits, and so on. Its grand and sleek presentation makes it perfect as a corporate gift or even a mini Christmas hamper. And, oh, did I mention that the gift boxes can be reused for gift giving long after the Holiday season is over? Plus, this also complements any holiday decor! Shop The Merry Treat Tower Boxes on Swishideas.com.


2. Select Gourmet Gift Basket

This is an elegant gift basket. Inside this gorgeous basket has been arranged a variety of favourite chocolate treats; each artfully crafted using only the finest gourmet ingredients. Boasting slow-melting chocolates, irresistibly crisp cookies, and milk chocolate sea salt caramels, this gorgeous basket is one Christmas gift they’ll find irresistible. This gift basket would leave a lasting impression on just about anyone. It’s a sweet corporate gift hamper to appreciate someone important this Christmas. This hamper is just a click away on Swishideas.com.


3. Rocky Mountain Gift Hamper



Rocky Mountain Baskets & Gifts specializes in custom gift baskets for all occasions. Let your Christmas presents make the right statement with this Rocky Mountain Gift Hamper. With this exquisite hamper, you can gift some of the best corporate gift items this season delivered in one single hamper.


4.  ‘Tis the Season Treat Tower


Filled with Ghirardelli Squares, Peanut Crunch, Sea Salt Cookies and Caramel Popcorn, this stunning holiday gift tower takes your breath away. Bursting with holiday cheer, the artistic boxes can be used time and again, and the lovely metallic sheer ribbon adds just the right touch. These boxes are filled to the brim with high-quality brands you can't resist. It’s definitely a must-have this Christmas season! Get this perfect gift for your boss, client co-worker on Swishideas.com.

5. Heng Balance Lamp


่กก (HENG) means balance in Chinese and that was designer Zanwen Li's inspiration for the concept of the HENG BALANCE LAMP, which won the German Reddot award in 2016.

The Heng Balance Lamp brings a soft lighting that makes their surroundings seem soothing and relaxing while combining new technologies with traditional hand craftsmanship.

The idea behind the Balance Lamp was to create a permanent light fixture that would bring a magical ambiance to any space. A unique and yet a simple light that would inspire the senses and ignite the imagination.  


This is a perfect corporate gift item to light up the Holiday season.


Shop the Heng Balance Lamp on Swishideas.com


6.The LED Rechargeable Party Glasses.


This season, everyone is out to have fun! Happiness is in the air. You can show that you want to contribute to the joy of your clients / customers, employees, co-workers or boss this season by gifting them the LED Rechargeable Party Glasses. You could even go a step further by customizing it with your company’s name and logo. The LED Rechargeable Party Glasses use sound sensing technology. This means that they can bop to the music. LED bars will automatically light up and beat to the music. You can also use them over and over and over again.

21 Dec 2018 16:38:12 By Suashee Ini-Usoro Souvenir trends,

Getting the right gift for someone who is special to us is important to just about anyone I know.

We want to make the right impression; we also want the other person to feel loved and special. Christmas season is a period of gift exchanges and this special person is not left out of all the gift giving.


For some of us, we can’t wait to see the beam on their face and to see their eyes light up in joy as they receive the special present we have for them this season.


One mistake you don’t want to make is to give a thoughtless gift. Or, to give a gift that does not represent in clear terms how much they mean to you. Now, most of us do not want to break the bank to communicate this message. And that’s okay. Simplicity is key in everything.


What I’ve done in this blog post is to show you some perfect gift items for your spouse that are just about the right thing anyone can get for the one who is (truly) special to them.


  1. Premium Nut Collection

The premium nut collection is the perfect christmas gift for a lady or even a guy. It comes in an elegantly designed red gift container filled with gorgeous flavors of nuts and chocolates. Across several generations - ours inclusive - gifting chocolates has been known to symbolize love, passion, care and a happy life.


2. The Camera Lens Clock

If your spouse is a lover of photography, this is one  gift they won’t forget in a hurry. This Camera Lens Clock has an alarm clock feature, a calendar feature, and a thermometer feature all-in-one.


3. VSC Liquor Filled Chocolates


This special box of chocolates is the perfect gift for your boyfriend, fiancee or Husband. Inside a wooden crate with a see-through film, you will find 40 beautifully-wrapped, liquor-filled chocolates. Made with only the highest quality chocolate and original spirits, these chocolates provide a liquid surprise at every center. For those who appreciate chocolate and liquor, this gift is the ultimate treat.


4. Belgian Chocolate Collection


Belgian chocolate is supposedly the best in the world! For almost 400 years, Belgium has been producing delicious chocolate. The unique combination of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls make Belgian chocolates a favorite worldwide.This collection comes in variety of colours - red, blue and gold. The Belgian Chocolate Collection is the perfect yummy and affordable gift box for that special person this Christmas season.

5. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

This is one of the coolest gifts you can give to anyone. Do you have a spouse who’s working on some body goals? Getting them this dumbbell is a beautiful way to say that you support them immensely through this journey. And, the right support is one of the major things anyone wants in a relationship. This Dumbbell Alarm Clock is a combination of an alarm clock and dumbbell in one. The alarm doesn't go off until it is lifted up and down 30 times.

21 Dec 2018 16:06:49 By Suashee Ini-Usoro Christmas, Gifts, Spouse, Wife, Husband, , Souvenir trends,
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