Whether you run a lean startup or a large corporation with thousands of employees and Clients all over the globe, you know just how indispensable your clients and employees are to the growth of your company.


This is why it really does pay to do a little extra to show them just how much you appreciate them. And, when then is a more suitable time to show these precious people just how much they mean to the organisation other than the Christmas season?

Christmas period is that time of year when loads of gifts are exchanged amongst loved ones. So, taking advantage of this season of love to send themed gift items puts your gift giving in context as well as heightens the emotional perception.


Something as simple as a christmas card could do the trick. This year, you want to take things a step further by not simply sending them gifts, but sending them thoughtful gifts that they’ll definitely remember a long time to come.


Below are some perfect corporate gift items to gift your clients / customers, employees, co-workers and even your boss.


1. Merry Treat Tower Boxes

This is an artfully arranged array of Holiday gift boxes. The Merry Treat Tower Boxes include lots of gorgeous flavored snacks, chocolates, truffles, biscuits, and so on. Its grand and sleek presentation makes it perfect as a corporate gift or even a mini Christmas hamper. And, oh, did I mention that the gift boxes can be reused for gift giving long after the Holiday season is over? Plus, this also complements any holiday decor! Shop The Merry Treat Tower Boxes on Swishideas.com.


2. Select Gourmet Gift Basket

This is an elegant gift basket. Inside this gorgeous basket has been arranged a variety of favourite chocolate treats; each artfully crafted using only the finest gourmet ingredients. Boasting slow-melting chocolates, irresistibly crisp cookies, and milk chocolate sea salt caramels, this gorgeous basket is one Christmas gift they’ll find irresistible. This gift basket would leave a lasting impression on just about anyone. It’s a sweet corporate gift hamper to appreciate someone important this Christmas. This hamper is just a click away on Swishideas.com.


3. Rocky Mountain Gift Hamper



Rocky Mountain Baskets & Gifts specializes in custom gift baskets for all occasions. Let your Christmas presents make the right statement with this Rocky Mountain Gift Hamper. With this exquisite hamper, you can gift some of the best corporate gift items this season delivered in one single hamper.


4.  ‘Tis the Season Treat Tower


Filled with Ghirardelli Squares, Peanut Crunch, Sea Salt Cookies and Caramel Popcorn, this stunning holiday gift tower takes your breath away. Bursting with holiday cheer, the artistic boxes can be used time and again, and the lovely metallic sheer ribbon adds just the right touch. These boxes are filled to the brim with high-quality brands you can't resist. It’s definitely a must-have this Christmas season! Get this perfect gift for your boss, client co-worker on Swishideas.com.

5. Heng Balance Lamp


่กก (HENG) means balance in Chinese and that was designer Zanwen Li's inspiration for the concept of the HENG BALANCE LAMP, which won the German Reddot award in 2016.

The Heng Balance Lamp brings a soft lighting that makes their surroundings seem soothing and relaxing while combining new technologies with traditional hand craftsmanship.

The idea behind the Balance Lamp was to create a permanent light fixture that would bring a magical ambiance to any space. A unique and yet a simple light that would inspire the senses and ignite the imagination.  


This is a perfect corporate gift item to light up the Holiday season.


Shop the Heng Balance Lamp on Swishideas.com


6.The LED Rechargeable Party Glasses.


This season, everyone is out to have fun! Happiness is in the air. You can show that you want to contribute to the joy of your clients / customers, employees, co-workers or boss this season by gifting them the LED Rechargeable Party Glasses. You could even go a step further by customizing it with your company’s name and logo. The LED Rechargeable Party Glasses use sound sensing technology. This means that they can bop to the music. LED bars will automatically light up and beat to the music. You can also use them over and over and over again.