Anyone need assurance? Not Davido Assurance, but an assurance that they are on the right path, that they will not fail, that success is their portion.

Everyone has at least one talent and most people we label as "creative" have in one way or another, expressed their talent and that is the creativity we see.

But they did not know when they started that they would succeed. In Lagos, Nigeria, there are a lot of startup companies aka small businesses (or maybe MSME's). Majority fail and some go on to succeed. What, perhaps makes those who suceed, succed?

1. I believe a success person must have goals and write them down. What is the point of going somewhere and not knowing where or when you will get there? That's what it's like not writing goals.

2. The brain is mostly water. So it is important that if we need our brains to be at its optimum, we must stay hydrated

3. Read! We spend too much time on frivolities. Watching This is Nigeria Video By Falz shows just how much decadence is in our society and what we have allowed. What has this got to do with reading, you may ask? Well a lot? Perhaps if we read more, we would discover more things and create more things.

4. Do not be afraid to fail. Failure is nothing but an opportunity to try again. Besides, failure is an event and not a destiny.

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