With the recently premiered Avengers Infinity War Movie, fans have been left waiting and anticipating for more. Before that, Wakanda was pictured as a flourishing African country with major advancement in Tech. Is that the case in the real Africa?

Well, Yes and No. You see, this is the age of technology. We live in a world where tech has come to stay. There are more gadgets being released than there are pens and notepads. Okay, maybe we exagerate a little, but you get the point. 

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Of course, naija "no dey carry last". These days, if you are looking for gifts in lagos, you are most likely to be confronted with online stores in lagos that sell a lot of tech items. From speakers that dance to bottles that tell you time, there is so much to see and buy. A lot of souvenir companies in nigeria are constantly updating their inventory to ensure they are ahead of time. 

Wedding souvenirs in Nigeria even now boast of tech items. So you see, tech deserves some accolades. Are you a tech fan or do you think we should go back to the days of writing letters to our loved ones?

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