Nigerians, especially ladies, are already used to gifts like designer bags, clothes and shoes, Brazilian hair and chocolates you buy for her whenever you travel abroad. This has made you predictable as she can effortlessly guess what her next birthday package will be and soon, your gifts will mean nothing to her unless you try a different approach.

People say it's the thought that counts in a gift. We say it's nice if it's fabulous as well! There are collections of unique gifts which can be personalised for her to show that beautiful “thought”, browse our categories gifts items.

If your female friend's, best friend's or mum's birthday is coming up and you're stumped for gift ideas, remember: it really is the thought that counts.

While shopping for birthday gifts for a lady, in general, can be tricky, it can get even more frustrating finding something she already doesn't have. While chocolates, flowers, dinners or cakes all mean well (and taste great), this year, try focus on things she really needs and can use for the rest of the year.

Some Nigerian ladies don’t really appreciate flowers, chocolate, etc.  However, before you get her a gift, ask yourself one important question. What’s unique about her? What ladies really want is for you to show that you know her well and recognise her interests and passions in life. Before you buy a lady a gift, take some time to really think about what she likes. What kind of person is she? What are her favourite things to do? Where has she wanted to visit?

For example, if she’s a fan of 60s music, why not get her a vintage record player, a vintage placemat and/ or  vintage coasters. There are ranges of our speakers you can get if she’s a dancer as well like dancing water speaker, karaoke microphone and speaker, animated mini speaker, etc.


If she is a fitness lover, get her something she can use at the gym like A5 memo water bottle, flat water bottle (can be personalised), etc. Gym wears, sneakers and more or if she loves to travel, get her something to keep her warm/cold like our mini vacuum flask, something that will keep her inspired, a nice hand luggage bag, a unique map of the world or a trip away. Experiences, like all-day spa appointments or a surprise date, always tend to be a hit as well.

Most Nigerian ladies love to cook, so a cooking handbook by a top chef, kitchen items like steamship pot dish lid wouldn’t be bad at all. There are so many ideas that will show you pay attention to what she likes, so always remember to link the gifts.

The most important thing is the thought and the message behind the gift. Ladies want to feel loved, special and appreciated, so that’s why well thought out presents go a long way. If you buy her something that’s personal to her rather than a generic gift, she’ll know that you really care.


Picture from: Last minute Christmas.