Getting the right gift for someone who is special to us is important to just about anyone I know.

We want to make the right impression; we also want the other person to feel loved and special. Christmas season is a period of gift exchanges and this special person is not left out of all the gift giving.


For some of us, we can’t wait to see the beam on their face and to see their eyes light up in joy as they receive the special present we have for them this season.


One mistake you don’t want to make is to give a thoughtless gift. Or, to give a gift that does not represent in clear terms how much they mean to you. Now, most of us do not want to break the bank to communicate this message. And that’s okay. Simplicity is key in everything.


What I’ve done in this blog post is to show you some perfect gift items for your spouse that are just about the right thing anyone can get for the one who is (truly) special to them.


  1. Premium Nut Collection

The premium nut collection is the perfect christmas gift for a lady or even a guy. It comes in an elegantly designed red gift container filled with gorgeous flavors of nuts and chocolates. Across several generations - ours inclusive - gifting chocolates has been known to symbolize love, passion, care and a happy life.


2. The Camera Lens Clock

If your spouse is a lover of photography, this is one  gift they won’t forget in a hurry. This Camera Lens Clock has an alarm clock feature, a calendar feature, and a thermometer feature all-in-one.


3. VSC Liquor Filled Chocolates


This special box of chocolates is the perfect gift for your boyfriend, fiancee or Husband. Inside a wooden crate with a see-through film, you will find 40 beautifully-wrapped, liquor-filled chocolates. Made with only the highest quality chocolate and original spirits, these chocolates provide a liquid surprise at every center. For those who appreciate chocolate and liquor, this gift is the ultimate treat.


4. Belgian Chocolate Collection


Belgian chocolate is supposedly the best in the world! For almost 400 years, Belgium has been producing delicious chocolate. The unique combination of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls make Belgian chocolates a favorite worldwide.This collection comes in variety of colours - red, blue and gold. The Belgian Chocolate Collection is the perfect yummy and affordable gift box for that special person this Christmas season.

5. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

This is one of the coolest gifts you can give to anyone. Do you have a spouse who’s working on some body goals? Getting them this dumbbell is a beautiful way to say that you support them immensely through this journey. And, the right support is one of the major things anyone wants in a relationship. This Dumbbell Alarm Clock is a combination of an alarm clock and dumbbell in one. The alarm doesn't go off until it is lifted up and down 30 times.