Welcome to Tech Tuesday where we try and share things with the tech savvy.

We are aware that technology has overtaken the world and Nigeria is not left out. Now who said Nigerians are not creative?

Today we will talk about Silas Adekunle. The first person to create an augmented reality gaming robot.  Silas Adekunle was born in Nigeria but later moved to the UK at the age of  11. He studied engineering and graduated with First Class Honours. Impressive, right?

Silas is the founder and CEO of Reach Robotics. Last year his company launched MekaMon, which is now the world first augmented reality gaming robots. This Robot allows players battle in both virtual and physical world. MekaMons are four legged Robots which can be controlled via Smart phones using a companion app.

Reach Robotics Team

More than one player can battle each other using MekaMon Robots. They can connect to each other via bluetooth and infared signal. The Robots are powered with rechargeable batteries that lasts for one hour. They are compatible with iphone. The MekaMon Robots are sold for $279 which is about N100,000. Impressive. We celebrate our very own and encourage us all to continue to go reach greater heights. 

What do you think? What are you inventing. Let us know!!