Trend or no trend, the rule is always the same: treat your nails before applying nail polish. It's easy to neglect your nails but taking some basic steps can keep your fingernails healthy and strong. Also note that unhealthy nails can be a sign that something is wrong internally. So always best to use an internal and external approach. We hope you find these short tips handy!

  • Eating foods rich in calcium and vitamins guarantee nails are flexible yet robust. Milk, yogurt and cheese are good sources of calcium while fruits and vegetables rich in calcim like oranges, dates, kiwis, apricots etc can be consumed regularly.

Milk, yoghurt, cheese, oranges, dates etc are jus some of the foods that are rich in calcium and maintain strong and healthy nails

  • Do not bite your nails. Besides creating an aesthetically unpleasant situation, infections can occur.
  • Your nails should bot be cut too short. Ensure to leave a little "white part" just before the nail bed.
  • Cuticles on the nail bed should be treated regulartly. There are various DIY at home cuticle remover kits.
  • Olive oil can be incorporated into treating of nails as it helps to restore lost fatty acids/lipids
  • Before applying highly pigmented nail poilish, be sure to use a base coat to prevent staining of the nails.
  • Wash hands and nails thoroughly. Nails that are not washed thoroughly harbor germs which can cause and spread infection. Besides, they are very unpleasant to look at.

Be sure to wash your nails when you wash your hands. This prevents harboring of germs and makes them pleasant to look at.

  • There are compact Manicure sets that can be used at home or taken to the salon to ensure proper nail treatment. Whatever you do, ensure your nails stay healthy and they will thank you for it. 

12 piece faux leather manicure and pedicure set is compact enough to take with you to the nail salon/spa.