Although it’s not quite the “season” for all things wedding right now, we know very well how quickly time flies. Before you know it, flowers will be rising up from the snow, save-the-dates will cover your refrigerator, and bridal shower invitations will be filling up your calendar. Not only do you get to chat with friends, eat delicious finger foods and celebrate the bride, but you also get to enjoy wearing something shower appropriate. Not sure what that means? Let us guide you to the perfect party outfit.

The difference between bridal showers and weddings is that a shower is much more casual. For this occasion, it is perfectly acceptable to wear something other than a dress. Let us first go into the most important question that first enters the mind, “Can I wear white?” The answer is very simple. NO. Save all your whites, creams and ivories for another day (mostly if it’s a dress), for those shades are pretty much reserved for the bride at all her events.

However, for a bridal shower, if the white has an all-over print, like floral or conversational, or if it’s just a basic cream top with a printed bottom, consider yourself safe. Khaki’s and camel colours are also well received.

Since we’re talking about colours and shades, what about black? Black is always a good choice for events; however, Bridal showers are meant to be light and happy. If the party isn’t at night, we suggest sticking to brighter shades that represent the experience. If you don’t feel comfortable in colours, try something close to black, like navy. 

Now, for some outfit suggestions. The obvious

  • Dresses

Because this is a lighter affair, dresses are a good choice. They are easily accessible, simple to outfit and come in lots of styles, silhouettes and fabrics.

  • Skirts

There are several lengths of skirts to choose from: above the knee, below the knee, tea length and maxis. Just ensure you’re picking a modest length for the party, nothing too tight or short. Or, you could try a twin set with a matching skirt and top.

  • Pants

Pants are more and more becoming a big trend. Pants aren’t just made of denim anymore—there are lots of options to be dressy with pants. Metallic, printed, silk, jacquard…the list goes on.

  • Shorts

Just like pants, there are lots to choose from nowadays with the idea that shorts can be dressy. Please, no denim cut-offs—these should be for the beach, and music festivals.

If you’re adventurous, a jumper: A jumper is basically a dress, with legs. They are extraordinarily comfortable and surprisingly very chic when paired with the right accessories.

The easiest way to put together an outfit for a bridal shower is to remember who you're there for. Keep in mind the bride’s style; if you’re invited to her shower, chances are you know her pretty well. Use the location of the party to determine the look you’re going for and always make sure to

Picture from: Nigerian bridal shower