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  1. Light Bulb Keychain

    You don't have to use boring keychains, you can always get this unique Light Bulb Keychain to help your keys stand out! Give this as a souvenir in your next Lagos party and everyone would love it! Break from the norm!

  2. Rubik Cube Torchlight With Keychain

    Let's help you deliver this Rubik Cube Torchlight With Keychain straight to your doorstep, for your next party! It is great as a souvenir for your next Nigerian party and as a corporate gift item for your corporate events in Nigeria!

  3. Magnetic Hook

    This is funky and useful! You can simply hang your car keys, towels, pens, and so on, on this hook. Did you know that it can even double as a phone stand? Just put it in a strategic place in your home and begin to use it!

  4. Mini Portable Handheld Fan With Torch Light

    Want a fan, a torch and a keychain all on a budget? Then this is FOR you. What is most admired about this is you get so much value for money. Are you looking for the best gifts in lagos, look no further. Swish Ideas, Nigeria's online gift and souvenir company has got your covered.

    Regular Price: ₦1,500.00

    Special Price ₦1,065.00

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4 Item(s)