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  1. Car Phone Holder Car Phone Holder

    Car Phone Holder

    This car phone holder is very handy! It can help you hold different items like phones, cups, credit cards, etc. This is a wonderful souvenir gift item all your guests would love!

  2. Karaoke Microphone/Speaker

    This Karaoke Microphone/Speaker is great for outdoor and indoor events in Lagos. You can use it for your speeches, seminars, parties, and for your karaoke nights. It is a 2-in-1 Microphone and Speaker, isn't that cool?

  3. Indoor Golf Putting Gift Set

    Do you know an avid golf player? Then you need to give this Indoor Gold Putting Gift Set from Swish Ideas, your favourite online gifts shop! In addition, this looks like a perfect father's day gift idea. Order yours now, nationwide delivery is available!

  4. Desktop Mini Bowling Set

    Love bowling or know someone who does? Then we have got the perfect gift for you. This mini bowling set can add fun to a night out with the boys in Lagos! This means no more boring nights, but more fun nights in Lagos, doing what you love to do.

  5. Car Visor Tissue Holder

    These bright coloured car visor tissue holder will instantly make you always have tissue within your reach and also make your space look interesting with their vibrant colours.

  6. LED Tambourine

    LED Tambourine

    Regular Price: ₦800.00

    Special Price ₦705.00

  7. Clear Transparent Umbrella

    If you are looking for the most unique gifts in Nigeria, please look no further. Swish Ideas, Nigeria's online gift and souvenir store has got you covered. We are constantly thinking of better and more innovative gifts for you. The clear umbrella is a stylish way to stay protected from heat and rain. What are you waiting for?

    Regular Price: ₦5,000.00

    Special Price ₦3,000.00

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7 Item(s)