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Portable Devices/Electronics

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  1. iHome LED Colour Changing Bluetooth Speakers

    This iHome LED Colour Changing Bluetooth Speaker will help you set the mood right! Perfect for a night out in Lagos or for a birthday party. It is also great for home use! The sounds are crisp and clear, and it's Bluetooth and is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices.

  2. Bem Speakers (2 Pack)

    These Bem Speakers will help you enjoy hassle-free music experience wherever you are! It contains a pack of 2 speakers and it has up to 8 hours of battery life. It is a great gift idea for him or for someone who loves good music! With these Bem Speakers, you will listen to good music in a whole new way.

  3. Karaoke Microphone/Speaker

    This Karaoke Microphone/Speaker is great for outdoor and indoor events in Lagos. You can use it for your speeches, seminars, parties, and for your karaoke nights. It is a 2-in-1 Microphone and Speaker, isn't that cool?

  4. LED Clock Fan

    Do you want to be more productive while working? You can get this LED Clock Fan to help you monitor the time you spend on different tasks as well as help you cool your body. Imagine how refreshing it is to be cooled while working?

  5. 5 Seconds Fix| UV Bonder

    5 seconds is enough when using a UV bonder, get this unique gift for him, nationwide delivery available.
  6. Mini Portable Handheld Fan With Torch Light Mini Portable Handheld Fan With Torch Light

    Mini Portable Handheld Fan With Torch Light

    Mini Portable Handheld Fan With Torch Light

    Regular Price: ₦1,500.00

    Special Price ₦1,065.00

  7. Car Shaped Mouse

    If you are an IT professional and you like great cars, then this is for you. It would look really great on your desk or work space. This can also serve as a perfect Valentine's gift for a man in Nigeria! It is carefully packaged in a white box, ready to be delivered to your doorstep wherever you are in Nigeria.

  8. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

    This is one of the coolest gifts you can give anyone or even give yourself. If you are trying to keep fit but don't seem to have enough time for exercise, then you should get this Dumbbell Alarm Clock. It is a combination of an alarm clock and dumbbell in one. The alarm doesn't go off until it is lifted up and down 30 times!
  9. Camera Lens Clock

    Do you own a photography studio in Nigeria? Then you should get yourself this very useful Camera Lens Clock that has an alarm clock feature, calendar feature, and a thermometer feature! It can also serve as a great gift item for your photographer friend. It could even be the right Christmas gift for a photography lover!

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9 Item(s)