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Party Props

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  1. LED Mini Coaster

    Want to make your bar really lit? Get this LED Mini Coaster. It is great for creating the right visual effects with its lead glow in any club, restaurant, bar, etc!

    Regular Price: ₦1,000.00

    Special Price ₦495.00

  2. LED Happy Wrist Band

    Let your wrist pop with these glow in the dark wrist bands. The best party supplies for happy people in happy places!
  3. LED Sound Activated Bracelet

    Imagine your bracelet responsive to sounds and touch, now imagine wearing such bracelets to fun places in Lagos!
  4. LED Soft Rubber Bracelet

    Birthdays, Weddings, New Years, etc. are fun with the right party props and costumes. This soft rubber bracelet will help your wrist glow in the dark, pop, and stand out!
  5. LED Tambourine

    LED Tambourine

    Regular Price: ₦800.00

    Special Price ₦705.00

  6. LED Heart Shaped Wand

    Here is a perfect party accessory for different events in Lagos. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, a birthday party, house warming, concerts, bridal showers,etc., there is need to add fun-filled colours to the party.
  7. LED Foam Stick

    These LED foam sticks are perfect for team night outs, concerts, parties and so on. Imagine a party with this party supply!
  8. LED Whistle & Glow Stick

    These are LED Whistle & Glow Stick are perfect to take along to Firework displays, Halloween events and Bonfire Nights in Lagos!

    Regular Price: ₦1,200.00

    Special Price ₦630.00

  9. LED Shutter Eye Glasses

    These glasses would turn any event into unforgettable days & nights. These are the perfect addition to any children or adult parties and offer a fun and excting way to enjoy any gathering and celebration.

    Regular Price: ₦800.00

    Special Price ₦610.00

  10. LED Space Eye Glasses

    LED glasses communicate one thing - cool. Look cool to your next event in Lagos in this unique party props.
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 31 total

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